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  1. I look at this as a modern incarnation of "cramming extra power into a game cart becasue the console isn't powerful enough to do the job". In this case almost all the power is in the cart, but... I still think it's cool. I think I appreciate the work that goes into doing something like this just as much as the final result. The only "odd" thing I ever played Doom on was a TI-83 Plus calculator, but I played several games on it, and it's not all that odd since just about anyone who ever owned one tried that. Still, it's was neat, all be it ... slow.
  2. I share that opinion. While I love modern tech, many of the communities are more "toxic" than I care to deal with, so I don't participate in them unless there's a darn good reason. My time is precious to me, so I prefer to spend my community "geek" time here.
  3. Just picked up a couple "Wipeout" style games to try on Fanatical, and a "retro" style racer, we will see how good they are. Grip: https://store.steampowered.com/app/396900/GRIP_Combat_Racing/ Antigravitar: https://store.steampowered.com/app/621020/Antigraviator/ 80's Overdrive: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1381440/80s_OVERDRIVE/ I got a couple others as well, just to fill the 5 games bundle, but these are the ones I wanted to try the most. Not bad for $2.99 I guess. Link: Nitro Bundle
  4. As much as I love emulation, it has it's own world of issues that creep up from time to time, just like anything else. I have been struggling with 2 issues, one I think is a software issue that I have little control over, though I can't seem to find any documentation on my specific issue anywhere. I'm running the latest RetroPie, and every so often, a portion of the screen will go black, normally when first loading a ROM, or when coming out of the RetroArch menus. You have to exit and reload it to get it to go away. It seems random, and it happens on all of my Pi3's and the Pi4, hence why I think it's an issue with RetroPie itself. I posted a GIF of it earlier in this thread. More recently, I have been trying to fix an issue with my GPi Case where no controller is detected. I have torn the case down and inspected everything, tested what I could, and can find no faults with the internals. The controller runs via a USB ribbon cable between the Pi and case, and the cable appears fine, and tests fine using continuity, yet it takes several reboots sometimes to get it to detect the cases controller, if it does at all. I tried a different Pi, same issue. Thankfully, GeeekPi, the company I bought it from, said they will send me a new case, we'll see. I still wish I could fix this one. The joys of tech, both retro and modern!
  5. @Scott Robison After watching the 8BG's latest video on PETSCII Robots makes me really want the 128 version now! Again, excellent work sir! Love the features, look, and dual display option. Honestly, I want the X16, Amiga 500, and C128 versions now. Just in case the random browser missed the video:
  6. That reminds me of an incident many years back where a software problem cost me $100 because I was sure it was a hardware problem. Long story short, I was having issues with a sound card, the internet was young, info was scarce, and I concluded the card must be failing. So, I upgraded, got a new card, different model. Couple weeks later, I randomly learn via a forum it was a driver issue, and a patch was forthcoming. Yeah, that was defiantly a classic "Picard Facepalm" moment for me.
  7. I totally get the "winter in Wisconsin", since I live there myself. My gaming habits are less mild, since I spend a lot of time playing games with family. Love to co-op! Just added it to my wishlist for the X-Mas sale. Love a good metroidvania series!
  8. Hello @TD Bauer, Dude from Wisconsin. I too am a tundra dweller, NE Wisconsin. Welcome!
  9. I'm late to the game, but... Awesome! Having a C128 Edition is fantastic, thanks @Scott Robison! I liked the C128, even though I didn't use it much, the Amiga 500 pulled my attention away from it as soon as it was released. I love seeing all the ports, it allows the game to cover such a wide range of the retro computing world, and that's a good think in my opinion.
  10. Hi-Octane is a great racer too! I have it installed in DOSBox actually, along with Wipeout. I think one huge seller for me with Wipeout was the music, it really pulled me into the game. At the time I really liked "Electronica" style music, bands like Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers, and others. That's the style they used in Wipeout, with my favorite being Wipeout XL/2097.
  11. Yeah, they have both come a LONG way over the years, but to be honest, I just have zero desire to emulate anything modern in Linux I can do natively on my Windows machine. In the end, it's just too much work for no good reason. I want to play the game, not spend varying amounts of time tying to get them running as they should. I already use Steam Link on my Pi4, and it runs wonderfully. I owned the original Link hardware, but sold it because I never used it beyond testing it out for a review. Once I had it up and running on the Pi4, there was just no reason to keep it. As far as the Steam Deck goes, I will likely never mess with it unless one falls in my lap. Like I said, I have my Windows machine, I really have no desire to stream anything modern to a handheld, I much prefer sitting at my PC and enjoying whatever game I am playing. Though, I think the idea of the Deck is awesome, and I think it will do well. We will see. Valve makes good hardware, but they are horrible at marketing and selling it, often pricing it well out of range for most gamers. Oh, and typos are my friend, I seem to do them a lot, especailly late at night.
  12. @Ju+Te Commandos is a good series, and I definitely label it "modern". @Cyber Not sure about the others, but GRIP is a good one. I like the old school Wipeout game and those similar to it. I played the original one on the PlayStation, DOS, and Sega Saturn. That series is still going, but mostly on consoles, and I only do PC gaming these days. Still, one of my favorite racing series. I have been playing through Serious Sam 4 and it's a blast, literally. It's one of the few FPS run-and-gun games where you spend more time pressing "S" than "W". Then I get to this guy near the end of the game... royal pain in the ... well ... you know. lol Had to take a quick break before trying to bring him down.
  13. 8BitDo are my goto, specifically the SN30 Pro's. A bit pricey, but the best SNES style controllers I have ever used, and I tried a lot. I got the wired ones, I just don't care for wireless. https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-Gamepad-Nintendo-Windows-Raspberry-pc/dp/B07R481CVY/ But, these are USB, so I assume you need the SNES connector, so the ones @SlithyMatt linked are your best choice in my personal opinion.
  14. Yep, but I have yet to use it. I tend to do things old school, without the use of launchers or front-ends. It wasn't until very recently actually that I started using things like RetroArch and LaunchBox. The same goes for Linux based options, I still did it all "manually". I will get around to it one of these days. To be fair though, I only run Linux on my Pi's, I have no real interest in running any form of it on a "PC". I left that behind many years ago for one simple reason, compatibility. The sad and simple truth is a vast majority of software and games are designed to run native on Windows, that's also why I don't use Apple products. No matter how we feel about it personally, Windows rules the PC world, while Linux is king of the servers. I know I say this a lot, becasue it's a fact of my life, but my free time is limited. So I have to pick and chose what I geek out on.
  15. Well, I bought Serious Sam 4 on the Steam Halloween sale, $20, well worth it. Love this series! Once my wife picks it up, we can coop it as well, so that's a huge plus.
  16. The TLDR of it is, nostalgia. For me, it's not about being any "better" than what we have today, since that's pretty subjective. I mean, I love modern hardware, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. I use all of it just about every week for various reasons. I have always been a hardware guy, I wanted to know how it all works under the hood, and I don't mean the code, I mean how was that code actually processed and executed on a hardware level. That goes for all electronic devices, not just computers, I wanted to know how it functioned at it's most fundamental level. That really got it's start for me back in the 8-bit era, back when computers were easier to use IF you understood HOW they worked. Today, everything is so "user friendly" that most anyone can pick up something and use it with no understanding of how it works, even though the hardware itself is vastly more complicated and powerful. That's both good and bad in my opinion, but that's a whole separate topic. It takes me back to a time when I was excited to learn the magic that was computers. These days it's much harder to impress me becasue I know how most of it works, but back then I was honestly impressed with just about every new system I got to see for whatever reason. I was impressed what they were able to do within the limitations of the systems. Also, something like the X16 is a nice bridge between the 80's and today for me. Like I said, I was all about the hardware, not the code. So I never moved much past BASIC, COBAL, and Pascal when it came to "programming", well, unless you consider Ladder Logic, I did work with that a lot back in the 90's on Allen Bradley PLCs when I was working for Pepsi Co. So this is an opportunity to learn some of what I missed back then, just for the fun of it.
  17. Nice! I would totally wear one at work. It's a healthcare environment, so it's almost always quiet, especially in my office area. I have a TNG hoodie I wear all the time, it's my favorite one, and it shows. I'm in need of a new one, the pockets and elastic around the cuffs are getting stretched form so much use. Very comfy, and plenty of room to add my own badge. lol This is not me, but this is the one I have. My wife got it for me back when ThinkGeek was still around if I remember correctly.
  18. I'm a huge Trek fan, and if that showed up in the mail for me, I would be rocking it all day long. We get those random scam packages in the mail a lot, well my wife does. Where they send you something you didn't order just so someone can post a false positive review. They are never anything I am interested in. lol Also, like x16tial, I want one! Yes, unbox it and try it out, let us know how it works!
  19. Yep, pretty much what Tom said. Also, using an SSD over USB 3 is still considerably faster than using any SD card or flash drive, especially when it comes to writes. So while the bottleneck is there, it's still the fastest option open to the Pi 4. At least the bottleneck is with the bus the data is going over and not the media being used.
  20. This time around for me... Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition Blaster Master Zero Blaster Master Zero 2 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja I want Serious Sam 4 too, but waiting until everyone I want to coop with has it as well. So probable x-mas sale.
  21. I had no problems with it at all, it works perfectly, and it's a huge overkill for the Pi. Meaning I can push it and not worry about it. I mainly use it now for testing/overclocking Pi's outside of a case, just for fun. I just wanted the Argon. To use a Pi 4 as a PC, SD access is simply far too slow for me, I knew I was going to use an SSD, and I liked the Argon case design the most. Compact and convenient. I had also looked at the Retroflag NESPi 4 SSD and Geekworm X-825 cases, but it was the Argon that won for it's compact design, full size HDMI, and all rear I/O. I also already had a NESPi Case with a 3B+ in it, and this Pi 4 was not going to be a RetroPie box, and didn't want another one.
  22. I think I got lucky, my fan is nice and quiet. If you're looking at a tower cooler, they do work great, and quietly. Before it was in the Argon, this is how I was testing and OC'ing the Pi 4. Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZV1LLWK/ It comes with both LED and a black fan. I used the black one, same basic reason. I got the horizontal version for supplemental air flow over the board.
  23. I do that a lot, go back and replay something I have completed, just to see if I can do better or find things I missed. I have been messing around with the original Indiana Jones, Star Trek, and Tex Murphy point-and-click adventure games from yesteryear, even though I have played all of them before, there is a lot I missed back when I had originally went though them. I used to love those games. Also tried the remaster of Full Throttle and Monkey Island, and they were a blast to re-play. One similar game I have replayed a lot over the years is Snatcher on the Sega CD, that game hooked me back when it was released. Love me a good cyberpunk adventure.
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