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  1. Well, it's fast enough for my needs, and you can see it's not capable of saturating USB 3.0 anyway. The SP S55 SSD that I put in there is not exactly the fastest either, but hey, it gets the job done and looks cool doing it. So far. Real world numbers: Large single file transfer from internal HDD, a 1TB WD Black, (62GB image file) speeds. Hitting it with a lot of small files (from same internal HDD) slows it down of course, it bottomed out at about 50-55MB/s on files in the KB range, while files (like MP3) in the 3-5MB range only dropped to about 80-85MB/s. If you're doing SSD to SSD, you get much better read speeds obviously. Moving from the enclosure to an internal SSD. Writes on the other hand seem to be the same, no matter from HDD or SSD, must be a controller limitation or issue. Still, since it's being used more for reads, not a big issue. Will look further into it though, after work. lol Edit: The SSD being used was the OS drive of a server I recently retired. So I deleted the partition, and left 10GB empty because I'm not sure if this drive is over-provisioned internally or not due to it's age. Though it does support TRIM and garbage collection, TRIM does not seem to work over USB anyway. SMART says the drive is fine. So I am honestly not sure why it settles at about 92MB/s on writes. The drive performs a bit over 500MB/s internally, so should not be the drive. The enclosure supports UASP, so ... not sure. The saving grace, like I said, it it's mainly being used to transfer the same files to multiple system, so much more read than write. Also, most of the files are very small, 2MB or less, and those transfer so fast anyway it's no big deal. It just bugs me. Time to look into drivers... lol Last edit (I think... lol): I tried everything, Windows don't seem to see this enclosure as UASP compatible, at least with viewing it's properties and based on the driver it's using. That being said... I think whats happening is the "full speed" I am seeing at first is writing to cache, then the slow down is when it starts dumping to the drive. At least, that's what I am going with until some other information presents itself to suggest otherwise. I'm still happy with the drive, works for my needs, and it would likely be less noticeable using an HDD over an SSD. I just tend to OCD "errors" when I see them, I have to know why and try to fix them, even if it's not really a problem.
  2. An OLED display would be awesome! Though I suspect it would cost a bit more than $12. lol I also agree about USB C, if I am not mistaken, it's mainly a cost issue. The older types are just cheaper and they probably have a huge supply on hand. Would be nice to have 3.1 instead of 3.0, but 5Gbps is plenty fast for this usage. Overall, I am happy with it. Though I am seriously thinking about printing custom labels for it, something Commodore themed.
  3. Well, it arrived! Dropped a 240GB SSD I had lying around in it, after taking the ugly sticker off of course. So far so good. Looks cool, seems to work good. Not bad $12 enclosure.
  4. I don't do YouTube, but I did basically the same thing, I went open-source and ended up on Kdenlive, now using the Windows standalone version. So far so good. Works for my limited editing needs.
  5. So, I needed a USB hub for my C64 Mini, and had this one sitting on a shelf. Why not mix and match some retro!
  6. This is me as well. I like modern speeds and capacity, but miss the actual media. I guess I also miss swapping out disks... the fact it seemed more tangible. I know it sounds strange, but I feel like some of the appeal of computing is lost in modern conveniences.
  7. I have thought about this in the past and it still amazes me how far we have come in my lifetime. I can remember using 8" disks on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II back in elementary school. Both my Math and Science teachers had them. Circa 1980'ish. Though I never owned one myself, I just remember thinking it was so cool when I got my first 5.25" drive on my TI-99/4A. How times have changed. To be honest, I sometimes miss physical magnetic media, and their sounds. Also, who can forget the iconic IMSAI 8" floppy drive from WarGames! I remember wanting one so bad, even though it was technically outdated by the time the movie came out. I still thought it was cool!
  8. I was up until 4:00AM doing a Google "deep dive", looking anywhere and everywhere for any pictures or mentions of anything like that C64, and I haven't found anything more. However, in the process, like Snickers said, I am seeing things I haven't seen in decades, or never knew about to begin with! Sometimes, the journey is just as rewarding, if not more so, than the destination.
  9. Now that would be a very cool thing to see! 80's me would have probably blown a gasket. Actually, that would probably be a neat mod one could do these days with the right tools.
  10. I just had to share a find on Amazon, in case anyone else happens to like these sorts of things! I was looking for a 2.5 drive enclosure, nothing fancy, just for some file swaps. I have docking stations, just wanted something smaller. Then I ran across this... https://www.amazon.com/ORICO-External-Enclosure-Transparent-Compatible/dp/B08DSWKRQC/ So, I ordered it. Even if it's not the fastest, as long as it works, I will be happy! The nostalgia is real with this one. haha I was also looking at this one too, but it's bigger than I wanted. Still may look at it in the future, becasue, NES! Also, RetroFlag makes great cases. I own 4 of their Pi cases now. https://www.amazon.com/GeeekPi-RETROFLAG-Cartridge-Enclosure-Raspberry/dp/B0919CTSJT/
  11. The more I think about that C64, the more confused I get. Even with this new information, my brain still goes to an industrial or commercial setting, even more so considering the cost of making such a housing back then, if it's not something repurposed. The fact it's so "Commodore", a prototype case maybe? So many possibilities. I would LOVE to know this things history and reason for being. Now that it's in the hands of Perifractic, maybe we will get closer to knowing it's Retro Recipe! Would love to see it in a video and see it up close!
  12. Yeah, the short of it is.... I'm going to pick up a couple 65C02's for "playing around". More reasons to do that, over my pure nostalgia reasons for a vintage 6502. :P Also, as far as the Apple picture, the only thing I see wrong is ... I don't see anything wrong. My knowledge of Apple computers ls limited. lol
  13. Yeah, I am always leery about that, even with modern hardware. You just never know. A good modern example is GPU crypto mining, those cards are ran hard for very long periods, then sold off to gamers. While that GPU may have a lot of life left in it, it's most certainly a larger risk than a card only used for gaming. When I go to sell my modern hardware, I always go into as much detail on the items handling and usage while in my possession, and include plenty of photos. Because that's what I look for myself. I want the buyer to know I care about my parts and take very good care of them. Both modern and vintage.
  14. To be perfectly honest, I really have no reason to not use a modern W65C02 replacement, other than pure nostalgia. I very well may go down that road just because I am so distrustful of eBay listings like those for "original" MOS 6502s. It's also a lot cheaper than a vintage 6502. I am seriously thinking of investing in Ben Eaters kit and moving it all off breadboards and onto a PCB. Of course, that will be some time in the future, when time permits.
  15. I mentioned in another thread that I have a project I want to do that involves encasing a MOS 6502 in resin and made a sort of display to showcase the processor that powered my childhood, and basically most of the 80's. EMwhite was kind enough to donate one to me (Thank you)! Now, I am in the market for another one or two to actually play with in the future when I have more free time. So, I went back to eBay. There are always 6502s for sale, but I also see some that are REALLY cheap, from China. Of course, I am not an authentic MOS 6502 expert, but these make me leery. What are your opinions on ones like these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/383721043079 https://www.ebay.com/itm/164191846570 The sellers have good feedback, but that's not always a cut and dry indicator since I have seen "fake" feedback in the past, but normally in lower numbers than these. Heck, I won't be out much if they are fake, but still... Thoughts?
  16. Again, two of my favorite NES games! I have played them both several times over the years. Actually, I just played through Guardian Legend a couple months ago ... again. Also just got done playing Soldier Blade for the TG-16/PCE. I love the old school scrolling shooters. This one was a lot of fun, hard, but I had a blast playing it! If you like that sort of game, it's worth checking out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubCRXZaI9ek
  17. That's one thing I have doing a lot of lately, looking for games I missed back when they were new. Reading a lot of "Top 10" lists of obscure or "hidden gems" for various systems. It's quite fun to discover and play a "new" old game! Also discovered some games, a few recently on the TG-16/PCE, that were listed as Japanese but are in English. So I skipped over them when I first seen them. Or they were shooters where the language of the text is not nearly as important. And of course, translated hacked ROMs. Like I said earlier, I spend more time on my $35 Raspberry Pi than on my MUCH more expensive high-end "gaming" PC. lol
  18. I like that Mario Bros. clone. It reminds me of what I had posted in a different thread. Nintendo themselves did this with our version of Super Mario Bros. 2. The Japanese Mario sequel was deemed too difficult for the international market, so they took a game called Doki Doki Panic, and modified it to be the version of Super Mario Bros. 2 we know today. It's an interesting story. From Wikipedia: I do love how they add so many clones and ROM hacks just to get the count up. I mean, you know they are not paying licensing fees to sell the legit ROM's they are using, so why not just use all original games. I guess 620 in 1 looks better than 100 in 1. Still, there are hundreds of good NES games without the need for hacks and clones. lol All in all it seems like there is a good mix of legit ROM's in that NES clone for the price. Funny to see games like TMNT and others in a different language, even though they were also released in English. Being an import, it's fully understandable though. Also, that Street Fighter 2010 game, I loved back in my NES days! Played it a lot. Hard, but fun. I remembering being impressed by it's graphics. Good times. Great video!
  19. They have arrived! Love these things. They both feel great. Buttons are responsive. Properly detected by RetroPie. Played with both for several hours and both are good quality. I really like have a proper PCE/TG controller I can use for emulation! It's not as heavy as the original TG controller, but it does not feel cheap. Feels good playing all the scrolling shooter bullet-hell games. Hori makes good controllers in my opinion. Now... I am DONE with controllers....I hope. lol
  20. Well, I finally rounded out my 8/16-bit era controller collection by ordering the Genesis and TG-16 ones I wanted. I will let you know how they work after they arrive. It was my birthday the other day and decided to pick them up. I'm not expecting any problems, they are from Retro-Bit and Hori, and every controller I have gotten from either of those two has been spot on. Genesis: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P37ZGTF/ (Has L+R shoulder buttons, so it will work just as well as the SN30-Pro in most games. Though the SN30-Pro have 2x L+R buttons, so handy for PS1. No analog, but that's fine, I rarely use it outside of PS1 games.) TG-16: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07V1Q2G8T/ (Has PROPER turbo selectors like the original TG-16/PCE, and it's the right size, unlike many others out there.)
  21. @EMwhite or @Scott Robison, would you mind sending me a PM with the info where you picked yours up? The more I read up on them and watch videos ... the more I want one.
  22. Excellent video! I have considered buying so many of those knock-offs but never really bit the bullet and tried any. I got rid of all my "plug & play" units in favor of using Raspberry Pi for it's versatility and customization, as much as I liked them, I don't want to go back to the P&P devices. Even if I do think they are cool. lol That was my issue, finding something that met all my wants for my emulation. I wanted an SNES style controller, but I also wanted analog controls for PS1 and some arcade emulation, and I wanted 4 shoulder buttons, and wired. That's what lead me to the SN30 Pro's features. It ticked all my boxes and once I got it in my hands, I could not have been happier. I have all my desired consoles covered in terms of button coverage. That being said, I do have a Hyperkin joystick for Atari, a Mayflash F101 arcade stick for some arcade games that are best played on micro-switches, and I just ordered a Retro-Bit Sega Genesis controller.... just becasue. I want to pair them with the MegaPi case. What's nice about those is they are officially licensed by Sega. For me, controls were almost more important than the emulation. I am used to emulation, but I wanted comfortable controls as close to authentic as possible.
  23. I got an SN30 Pro USB (SN Edition), loved it, and got another one. Wired, because I just prefer it over wireless, and I am never so far my display I need wireless. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R481CVY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The SN Edition is currently out of stock, but the Gray Edition is in. They are identical, save for the cosmetics. I bought them specifically for the feel and comfort, they feel great and I can play for hours without issue, just like the old SNES controllers. Responsiveness does not seem to be an issue either, that is to say, I have not noticed it in any games, at all. Not even Tetris at level 12+. Overall, I love the 8Bitdo controllers, as well as Hyperkin and Retrobit. They all seem to make good ones.
  24. Well, the SNES Themed case arrived. Now my collection is complete! It's a neat case, the "slot" where a game cart would go is your micro SD storage, and the cartridge itself is a magnet that holds itself to the door. Pushing eject opens the door. While I won't use it, it is neat. Now, if I could only track down the cause of this issue.... I have seen it mentioned in a few other places, so at least its not hardware... Part of the screen will go randomly blank... Thankfully it don't happen all that often and will be addressed in the next version of RetroPie.
  25. I was literally just joking about this with a family member! I maintain a modern "high-end" gaming PC, but I spend most of my time playing retro games on a Raspberry Pi. Made my own. haha
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