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  1. I am working on several different Arduino based projects and having a blast learning the platform. It's a lot of fun for an old electronics geek like me. I wanted to share some of my projects and see what others may be working on. So feel free to share your Arduino projects if you mess around with them as well. I am willing to post the code or anything else about my projects if anyone may want it. Two of the projects I am working on at the moment are for my wife. She's really into all things "paranormal". So I thought I would build her some of her own custom "ghost hunting tools", like the ones you see on TV. I decided to start with what seems to be two of the most common, an EMF meter and "Spirit Box". The EMF Meter is exactly what it says it is, but configurable since it uses a micro-controller, the Arduino Nano in this case. I wanted to be able to program it's behavior and have adjustable sensitivity. That project is almost complete, I have it on a prototyping PCB already, testing antenna types, and I need to find or build a housing for it. It uses 330ohm resistors on the LED array, a potentiometer to adjust sensitivity, and currently two antenna connections. One is isolated using a diode, one is not. Still testing antennas. Overall a simple project and it works amazingly well. The Spirit Box is basically a radio frequency sweeper, going from 76.0MHz to 108.0MHz in .1MHz increments. I wanted to be able to omit local radio stations from the sweep, adjust the sweeping speed, and display the station numbers. I have it prototyped out on a breadboard, got a little help with the coding from the official Arduino forums, and it works great. Now, I am thinking about adding the ability to switch between two modes, full sweep and omitted sweep. So full range 76 to 108 with no local active stations being skipped, and the original omitted sweep with local active stations being skipped. It's using an Arduino Nano as well, a 4 digit 7 segment i2c display for the stations, potentiometer to adjust sweep speed, and a TEA5767 Radio Module. This is a fun one, learning a lot more coding on this project. I have more in the pipeline I will share later, once I have more done with them, but if you mess around with Arduino or other micro-controllers, feel free to share it!
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