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  1. I've been building a Zenith 750 Cruzer for a couple years now. I'm in what's commonly referred to among home builders as the 80% done, 80% to go stage. I've had this idea to put a 6502 in the plane panel SOMEWHERE. Maybe not doing anything terribly important, just for fun. I've been thinking a 5 inch screen that does a cool startup animation, and displays a couple non critical readouts like outside air temperature and flight time. My dilemma is what to use. I'm not gutting a REAL C64 for this, although that's what I have the most Assembly experience in. My current ideas are: A 64 Clone Emulator on a Raspberry Pi Commander X16 Custom 6502 board with an LED matrix I'm also currently very distracted by my Color Maximite 2 which is FANTASTIC. If I could just wave a wand, I'd probably just go with the Commander X16. I think it maintains the spirit of what I want here while giving me the flexibility to do a lot more with it. It might depend on the timing. The plane will likely be finished in late winter and I'll need to allocate the space for something by then. I'd also love to hear any crazy ideas for software that might be cool to see. The screen will be on the passenger(co pilot) side. It could be just for fun, or maybe something a little more serious. As an experimental aircraft, I can put anything I want in the panel. I'll do something conservative and well tested for primary displays like Dynon or Garmin, but anything else is an open book. If you're interested, I have a somewhat updated build log of the plane. https://myzenith750.com My "other" airplane is the somewhat famous "Tiger Baron". That's a certified airplane, so can't do custom panel additions there. The story behind the Baron is here (along with pictures, it's a pretty nutso paint job) Michael
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