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  1. I made a version of my program Aritm (mental calculation training program), that also exists here among Downloads/Games for X16, for Applesoft BASIC online. See "Select a sample..." and among Games, two rows down from Tetris: https://mobluse.github.io/jsbasic/ and also here http://jsbasic.orbin.se. JSBASIC is not a CPU emulator like X16 for the web, but only an Applesoft BASIC for Apple II simulator, but it has support for some pokes, peeks, and calls. It works on iPhone because the built-in keyboard is activated when the screen is tapped and the simulated Apple II expects input. Unfortunately the built-in keyboard doesn't work on Android (at least not in Chrome on mine). I also made a pull request to the original repository, so hopefully Aritm will be included on the official site https://calormen.com/jsbasic/, but cloning the site is legal, according to the license, and works well for now. I also bought the Applesoft manual as a spiral bound book and am reading it, but it also exists as a pdf: http://cini.classiccmp.org/pdf/Apple/AppleSoft II Basic Programming Manual.PDF. Applesoft does not have the same precedence rules as other Microsoft BASICs, such as CBM BASIC v2 and GW-BASIC, and I think e.g. BASIC2 has better precedence rules that are more like Python, which is similar to mathematics. I also own an Apple II Europlus with Applesoft BASIC, a Commodere 64C with BASIC V2 (built-in), Simons' BASIC, and COMAL80 on cartridges, and an Amstrad PC1512 that can run GWBASIC. I have tested Aritm on my actual C64 using a cassette adapter, but not on the other two even though it's possible to transfer the programs from modern computers using the cassette port in the Apple II case and (USB) serial cable in the PC case (laplink).
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