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Found 3 results

  1. Warning: I'm new to Commodore/Commander x16 BASIC. And 35 years out of practice in BASIC. And never really that advanced to begin with. And, I'm working on someone's else's code that I cannot make public at this time. I have a linear array of 6 values. The code uses FOR-NEXT to fill all 6 values with a random integer between 3 and 25. The square root of the RND value is calculated before being being multiplied (in case that makes a difference) . The screen is cleared then the values are printed on screen and the user is prompted (GET B$) to accept them or choose 6 new random values. If the user reject them, then the program goes back to the FOR-NEXT loop to create 6 new values. Problem is, if they reject the values 19 times, the program crashes with "?OUT OF MEMORY ERROR IN 650 (the line with the FOR-NEXT and RND). I can use CLR before the FOR-NEXT; no OOM error. But this borks all the arrays in the program that are filled using DATA statements. The FRE(0) function seems like it is applicable I cannot understand how to use it to clear out the array (if that is what causes the OOM)?
  2. I wanted to ask : is assembly language and monitor covered in the x16 manual?
  3. So, we've got Tetris, Invaderz and Brixx. How difficult would be porting from a 16-bit system to X16, say, like from MS-DOS of VGA era, Amiga and Sega Genesis?
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