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  1. I thought I would start a new thread as the old one was about sparse files, which I decided not to use currently. I think it can be a goal for a nice on disk format but I'm finding using hiram is working pretty well. Yes it's pretty wasteful but saves on CPU cycles and will make editing patterns, when I do start working on the UI, perhaps bearable. Here's the latest version! With support for 6 channels, though no effects other than volume and note-off. And also no concept of instruments. Each channel is configured to play a static instrument for now: Next steps, there are many klieptasch and I have been sharing some ideas on how to integrate the Concerto synth engine with the tracker. This opens the door for some really interesting things, and means I can focus on the UI. In this way it also keeps the synth engine separate from the tracker engine so folks could more easily use the various parts of both programs if they wanted to do something else (though given both apps are open source it would also be nice for folks to contribute to either!) The UI will be a big deal and I'm not actually show how complicated it will be yet haha. I have ideas on how I might do some things but that will all be new to me. But then again so was 6502 and I'm pretty happy with the tracker thus far! I'm not sure what I will work on next - trying to interface with Concerto or start the UI. I have ideas fresh in my head for Concerto but also editing patterns by hand is quite the pain so I'll have to ponder that more. Anyways the source code is here: https://gitlab.com/m00dawg/command-tracker/-/tree/master I don't have a demo up on the forums yet because I already have some file I/O interactions (pulling in Petdraw screens but this is also the basis to handle song files). But since there is no functional UI, apart from hand coding patterns in hex, not too much to do yet
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