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Found 3 results

  1. Considering how many of the Commodore 64's part just die of old age, it's been a joy to see people creating very good modern replacements for problematic chips (PLA, SID). I learned today of someone working on an FPGA replacement for the VIC-II. Here's the video
  2. Hello, Considering multiple retro computing projects and the aim of this project to work best with off the shelf components, I was wondering. Multiple Projects like the Spectrum Next or the Mega65 realize their CPUs via FPGAs to be more compatible to the originals. What are the tradeoffs? - How much more expensive is a CPU, realized as an FPGA (as e.g. the Spectrum Next does it), compared to an off the shelf current variant and - how much less compatible are modern variants to the original cpus used in the 80s? I'm primarily thinking of the Z80 and 6502 here. If you have any pointers to such a comparison, I'll happily pursue that, but I haven't found one yet.
  3. Is it possible to manually (not from software) re-program the VERA's on-board FPGA to perform different kinds of tasks? This can perhaps allow the video modes to be changed, or even allow a virtual 2nd CPU to be created if there's enough spare logic blocks. I might as well replace the default PSG/PCM audio with my own Amiga-like sampler, to be paired with the otherwise hard-coded YM2151 and SAA1099 audio. I know users will be able to re-program the X16's flash ROM with their own software, to be paired with their custom VHDL/Verilog code if only @Frank van den Hoef makes this possible.
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