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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to share a link to a project I've been working on in my spare time. I was interested in writing an assembly compiler and an IDE for the X16. It's pretty much done, but I need to do some more bug fixing before I upload the code as there are a few glitches to fix. There's a 65(C)02 Assembly Sub Compiler I wrote from scratch with syntax influences from Assembly/Java/C++, with inline Java/Groovy code support, and built in VERA commands. There's also some handy Huffman compressor/decompressor functions for general byte files and VERA tile, sprite, and map data upload. The other repo is PixelCodeX16, an IDE for editing "images" and code, which you can see in the video if interested. I intend to upload the files eventually after fixing a few bugs, and if there's enough interest that might spur me on even more. I'll post an update as soon as I get the code online. video 1.mp4
  2. Good evening everyone. 2021-08-23 00-11-55.mp4 Since I am currently learning to program assembler like crazy, and it still takes some time until I get something good ready, I thought I would combine it with something I can do a little better. Some time ago in another thread I mentioned an idea how to introduce younger people to retro computers. An IDE with which you can assemble a game by point & click. So I've done some other things in the meantime .. But since last week I've been working on this idea. Status so far: I have a rudimentary editor, can create my project and attach it to the emulator right away. The Sprite Editor is still very spartan, but I can already insert sprites from common image formats (these are saved in asm code) -> ahh ok, i forgot to show it in the vid ... sry I chose KickAssembler for the necessary compiler, simply because I am currently learning C64 / X16 coding with it. In addition to the GUI programming, I scour every possible source that deals with the X16. I am currently creating a boilerplate with which certain things can be incorporated into macros. E.g. initialization of sprites, Copy2VRAM etc. The next steps will be the layer configurations and tilemaps. And then another iteration of GUI improvement ... and then on and on I'm also sure that some are not interested in such a software, since most of them already have their workflows. I'll keep you posted here in this thread if you want. EDIT: right video format.... i'm dump and have to go to bed....
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