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  1. Hi! I have been playing with interupts a little, in kickc, and it all works nice. But now I tried to incooperate it in a game I hit a snag. It seems when I setup an interupt, for scanline, my keyboard functions stop working. I am probably doing something really basic wrong. The weird thing is also, when I restore the interupt to it's previous state, the keyboard is still not working. ps. the keyboard routing I am using is kickc "kbhit", which seems to call kernal routine "GETIN" at $FFE4, I also tried directly calling kernal routines, which works fine, but not when my interupt is enabled. ps2. I enable the interupt, something like this. What I am asking is. How does the keyboard normally work? 1- Is there an interupt when a key is pressed? Why does that interup stop working when I set my scanline interupt. How are they related? Do I need to do some extra "magic" at the end of my scanline interupt, to keep the key handling interupt working? 2- Can you somehow check the keyboard in a loop, without interupt, by polling a memory address or maybe a vram address, and if so which one? Also anyone could point me to the correct sections in the documentation, I will be thankfull! The most accurate I have found an answer is the section in the manual called "'Custom keyboard scan code handler". But I somehow don't get the full picture. Thanks CC
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