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  1. We've always been open with you about the Commander X16 project's progress, and today I'm sharing my decision to take a little step back from the project. When David kindly invited me on board, I accepted on the basis that approximately a 1 year prototype development process was envisioned for a cased computer, after which I would refocus on my own projects. However, of course I understand these things often do become much more complex, and so I have been happy to give an additional 1½ years to such a cool project. Over those 30 months I've been honoured to be able to give my time overseeing parts of the jigsaw puzzle including the "X16" name, logos, keyboards, manuals, box & cover art (I hope one day you will see it!), social media, factory negotiations, Cloanto ROM licensing, slogans, draft crowdfunding video, 3D renders, X16P and X16C case designs, and of course the website & software library ecosystem for the project to hopefully someday flourish within. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with some very talented contributors in some of those areas - thank you so much Anders Enger Jensen, Charles Paek, Gaz Marshall, John McDermott, Lorin Millsap, Matt Grandis, Mat Recardo, Trevor Storey, and more. However during that time my little YouTube channel has continued to grow beyond expectations, associated writing for ZZAP! 64 has increased, I've started projects of my own such as the forthcoming PETSCIIBOARD™, and have found my available time for prolonged outside projects reduce. Then, sadly my mother passed away very recently, which is now absorbing an unanticipated amount of my time and emotional energies, and I am needing to focus more intently on family matters. I always wish to do my best for everyone, be it fellow X16 fans, supporters, or family, and by spreading myself too thin for too long, I can't be my best for you guys. So, with much of my X16 work recently completed, now feels like the right time to pass the baton. David and I remain friends, and I have wished him the very best of luck with whatever shape the X16 takes post-Peri! He and the team have my agreement to continue to use as much or little of my contributions as he chooses including the case designs (should that be "the case" ahaha), and I remain available to hand over and tie up loose ends. [Edit: Case FAQ] I will continue to follow the X16's progress as a fan alongside you all, and I am sure the project will endure. Thanks for reading my new novel here, and for your understanding with a difficult decision. Long live the Chickenlips 16! Peace out and cheerio! Your friend in retro, Perifractic P.S. If you're not already, feel free to come follow me elsewhere and we'll continue to have fun together keeping nostalgia alive one video at a time. You can find me at: The Tube of You: http://youtube.com/perifractic Facepoke: http://facebook.com/chrisimpsonline Instaface: http://instagram.com/perifractic Interwebs: http://perifractic.com PETSCIIBOARD™: http://perifractic.com/petsciiboard Patrón: http://patreon.com/perifractic
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