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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone here know if there is an .iso anywhere on the internet for Basic V2? My Dad used to have a C64 and still has the manual and reference guide, and I am very interested in finding one so I can use it for a Virtual Machine w/ a keyboard overlay for the special characters. Is there any legal way to get a copy? Would it cost anything? I know MS-DOS is freeware nowadays, so my hopes are up! Thanks, L
  2. Hi all, so I posted something on these lines in my Introduce Yourself post, but I think I would rather do a separate post here with more detail. It's kind of but not very off topic, so here goes! Before everything, here's a bit of background. I am 35, and currently working in the mid-level management of an ecommerce portal. The money is decent but the work doesn't excite me. Gaming has always been a passion, and though I was away from it for the first few years of my working life, I am getting back into it now. Making a game of my own has always been a dream. Books like The Making Of Prince of Persia (Jordan Mechner) and Spelunky (Derek Yu) have also motivated me to give it a shot. However, I do not have any formal education or training in programming (I am a Mechanical Engineer, then an MBA)! Coming from here, I am at point where I need to decide how I want to begin on this journey of making my first game. I am being 'cautiously ambitious' - I am looking at a small game that plays out maybe in an hour, is a side-scroller and has some metroidvania vibes (exploration, power ups, abilities though on small scale). The idea is to make a sort of a demo that I can publish and send off to studios and hopefully they like it enough to hire me. I am not good at art, so it is going to be pixel art (8-bit even), and minimal background artwork (think the dark bg of Prince 1 with just torches/windows to break the monotone). I am looking for advice on what tools/platforms I should begin with. I am considering the following, and have listed down a few pros and cons for each (according to me): A game purely targeted at the retro (8-bit) machines -- NES/C64/X16/ZXSpectrum etc using C/Assembly/BASIC Pros -- A constrained environment, so game inherently would need to be simple. So in effect, the system would in a way define the scope and scale of the game. Would force me to learn the 'close-to-the-metal' approach Cons Niche audience, not sure if it will be considered relevant as a pitch by game studios. Will a game developed in assembly/BASIC be considered good "exposure" by a game studio? A game targeted at DOS-based systems (C/Assembly) Pros More options as compared to the above, larger audience , though still niche Cons So many great games out there, may not be able to compete with them and the game may not get noticed Make a retro-style game using an engine like GODOT targeted at modern platforms Pros Modern, can publish to multiple platforms. Easier learning curve (compared to the two above, most probably, especially in terms of low-level stuff being taken care of by the engine) Cons A ton of new games constantly coming out on all modern platforms, so again, difficult to get noticed. Would love some advice from the community on this. EDIT: I got some input on this post that I was making it sound like making a game is "easy". Just want to clarify here that I understand it is a very involved and major line of work, not trying to undermine it at all. Also, want to add here that I do have some experience in programming (I have done some VB for coursework projects, and have also been dabbling in Arduino programming).
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