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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, When using basic v2 on R38 ROM. I want to check what is the current cursor line number. On the C64 I can peek at $D6 and it returns the current line the cursor is on. When I try this on the X16 I get the value 8 back... no matter where the cursor is. I've had a look at the repo and found, x16-rom/kernal/cbm/editor.s, which appears to have, "tblx .res 1 ;$D6" Checking to find where tblx is explained I found kernal/open-roms/screen/e566.cursor_home.s, which appears to explain it as the cursor_home, current row. So $00D6 should be returning what I am looking for, my question is, am I misunderstanding or have I found a bug? (I'm leaning towards not understanding)
  2. On the C64 we could clear line X on the screen using a poke and sys to a kernal function. POKE 781,X: SYS 59903 Is there something like this for the X16? If I try it, it simply clears the entire screen. What I am doing is printing a game "shopping list" using CHR$(!13) CHR$($11) CHR$($11) so in the middle of the screen is a table of items. Then I'm using CHR$($13) to send the cursor back to home and prompt what the player would like to buy. The 2nd line would say if they purchased it, didn't have enough money, etc. Then I was hoping to clear just the 2nd line on the screen and re-prompt them until they leave the store. Any pointers would be cool.
  3. I suggest you use the online Emulator FIRST (can be skipped if desired.) Try out the emulator online here - https://www.commanderx16.com/emulator/x16emu.html It’s quick and easy and gets you playing with the prototype system with a single click. Go ahead and type in: 10 PRINT “THE X16 WILL RULE THE WORLD!”; 20 GOTO 10 RUN If you want to try out some of the great software for the X16 that has been developed, browse the downloads https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/files/, select a program and then click on the “Try it now” button. I mention the above since it will work on your MAC with little fuss and no significant effort on your part. It may leave you content, or firm up your enthusiasm to get the emulator installed and working on your machine. See the next item below for the detailed install notes.
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