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  1. I created a pair of tools that I've been using to create and edit tile sets, tile maps, and bitmaps for the Commander X16 (or anything else that uses the VERA). The purpose of these tools is to allow you to use GIMP and Tiled for creating your graphics. The first tool is a GIMP export plugin that can output VERA compatible tile sets and bitmaps. This eliminates the need for post processing like is needed when exporting a raw indexed file that the GIMP does out of the box. It can also go a step further by generating a Tiled tile set file (*.tsx) that can be used to draw tile maps. Best of all, the plugin supports non-interactive mode, meaning it can be called from a command line or makefile, treating your GIMP project file (*xcf) as a source for your resources. https://github.com/jestin/gimp-vera-tileset-plugin The second tool is a command line converter from Tiled's tile map file format (*.tmx) to a VERA compatible tile map file. This is also intended to be called from a makefile, so you can just edit your maps in Tiled and rebuild. I've figured out a simple way to use Tiled's automapping feature in combination with a command line argument in my converter to generate collision maps based on the layers you export. These collision maps wouldn't load into the VERA, but rather the Commander X16's main memory, and you'd have to write the code to make use of them in your game. However, once all that is complete, collisions (as well as map interactions) become a by product of your map design. https://github.com/jestin/tmx2vera I've created a quick demonstration video of these tools, so you can get a feel for what they offer: To keep it short, I didn't go into collision maps, but I'll likely create a follow up video to cover that topic in depth.
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