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Found 2 results

  1. I just started playing around with the emulator about an hour ago. On feature it lacks IMHO is a command buffer. It would be nice to be able to hit tab or something similar to bring up the last command issued. You can see what I mean by looking at the following image where I press UP to get the last command. Tab or Shift Tab or Shift Up. This would be amazing
  2. I love PETSCII, and I know it's on the X16 because of its legacy and especially all the graphical characters it supplies to facilitate for character-based graphics. However, it'd be a shame if, in our increasingly connected, international culture of the 21st century, we couldn't somehow get at least Scandinavian or Eastern European characters on the X16 (let alone anything non-Roman). However, my 'feature request' is not for the dev team to make an extended character ROM. Instead, I am suggesting that if the users can easily design their own characters somehow, then the user base will likely develop support for all sorts of languages, as needed, on its own. Someone in the community with enough time and inclination might even tackle Korean or Japanese characters - and yes, that comes with major input issues, but it would be easier to begin to address those issues if the system already easily allowed for user-defined characters. I'm not sure how that would be implemented, though. I know on the C64, it's technically possible to copy the entire character ROM to RAM and then override whatever characters you need, but this is challenging and kind of hacky; it's not something the system is designed to allow you to do easily. I've also read that on a Spectrum there is a much easier built-in way to make 'user characters', but I have no experience with this, and no knowledge of how it's implemented in the Spectrum architecture. Maybe on the X16 it would be as simple as some built-in subroutines to allow this kind of thing more easily? This would also have added advantages for people making games with character graphics. Thanks for considering it.
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