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Found 1 result

  1. So, in The 8-Bit Guy's latest video on the Mini PET, he mentions his apprehension about releasing a solder-it-yourself kit version of the X16p because of how difficult it can be to solder something as complicated a computer. My heart sank a little when I heard that. Of course, he's right - it is challenging. I've done a number of solder projects now and problems have always come up! But that's part of the fun and challenge of this particular subset of the hobby. And even though there have always been problems, it's also the case that anything I've ever soldered I've eventually gotten working in the end. Most recently I put together one of those Putnam Electronics PE6502 kits and of course it didn't work at first, but troubleshooting it was part of the fun. The troubleshooting took an entire extra day, but it was so satisfying when it finally turned on. I know from other comments (I think on this forum?) that David is concerned about not being able to offer "customer service", i.e. troubleshooting help to those people who are brave enough to try to solder together their own X16p. Again, he's right - support is a valid concern. All I can say in response to that is, I would hope that anyone brave enough to want to try the kit would be understanding of the risks. A big, noticeable disclaimer before placing an order for a kit version should help stave away any potential buyers who were only trying to save money (if the kit is even any cheaper). "Not suitable for a first-time solder project" would be a good start, or even just "not suitable for beginners." And make it clear that no help can be provided or should be expected from the official team. I'll still be buying an X16 even if there's no kit version (though, probably the 'c' instead of 'p'). I'm still excited about the X16 as a platform. I even totally understand his reasons for being wary of releasing a kit. But after the most recent video, if David is leaning toward not releasing one, I'm hoping this thread will politely nudge him in the other direction. Soldering stuff together is fun and challenging and I'm hoping I'm not the only one looking forward to undertaking that challenge with the X16.
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