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  1. I'll cut'n'paste this bit: The ZY HARUNA (rhymes with eye-are-rune-R, or pronounced zeye har rune R, never Z-Y ). I wanted to throw out a question to the brains trust, is there any (large or small) PCB company which is willing to make PCB's, simple single sided, no thru hole plating, no vias, no silkscreen, just etch and drill from a PNG file and text drill file if required. Not a gerber. This is the information I am after, if you could help me find this company I would be appreciative. The designer of a new computer is producing their life opus, a hobbyist kit computer with a number of features never seen before. The designer has been working for almost a year on this new design called the ZY HARUNA, and I think the process would be sped up by connecting the designer with an appropriate and suitable PCB making company. I've asked for example Pcbway myself and they've flat out said no. The PCB design software in use outputs many image formats and resolutions, none of them are vector, none of them are gerber. The designer will not use gerber. I thought that this would be a nice place to ask after having seen 'building my dream computer' one and two, as this machine may intersect many of the goals of that specification, and exceed them. The design of the SVGA is mature enough to use initial prototypes and run tests for further development. The design allows for tens of thousands of colors on screen, fast tiling, scrolling and abilities beyond those of any comparable system I've seen as a hobbyist kit. It does so with a sort of blitter arrangement, though it is not a blitter. It is made from cheap new generic parts only. The video design uses many techniques I've never seen before. The HARUNA is low budget, without any display the base board with backlit qwerty, cpu, memory and small odds and ends has a Bill of materials (BOM) costing $30-$40 total in quantities of 5-10 for larger parts and thousands for smaller parts (leds, transistors, resistors, diodes). All parts without exception are easily obtained from multiple vendors on the internet, and are old designs. There are no designer chips beyond the Z80 itself. No PGA style anything. The HARUNA is designed to take blank memory. No EPROM programmer is required. After building the HARUNA and loading blank RAM and ROM, the user types the software (BIOS/monitor program) into the HARUNA, and the design puts the typed code straight into memory. It really does define the phrase 'the best programming language is solder' or as the late Mr Pease would say, 'My favorite programming language is solder' https://www.edn.com/analog-engineering-legend-bob-pease-killed-in-car-crash/ The base board already has hundreds of parts laid out and soon enough it will be time to etch and solder them in and look for any errors and adjust and polish the layout. The design explains and demonstrates a lot of diode logic and resistor - transistor diode logic enough to impart understanding to students and reduce the chip count of the board and keep the price of parts low. The whole base board including the "program-the-memory-yourself" feature is about $40, with the expansion board for integrated and fully explained SVGA from simple generic parts, and memory management unit in simple discreet logic, the computer is expected to be about $60-80 in parts. Other boards on the horizon give the HARUNA hundreds of inputs/outputs and assorted drivers and many other features. I do apologize if I cant return as often as I'd like to discuss this invention, my health also is poor. I hope I can upload some cad drawings and perhaps photos soon.
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