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VTUI library


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prog8's textio module is a mess in this regard, some routines use kernal others write directly to Vera.  Mostly, the operations that can reasonably be done by a kernal routine are not writing to Vera though.   (On the C-64, it is the same, but instead of vera it directly writes into the screen buffer ram locations).

In the end, does it matter?  It should be a secret for the user of the library how it does its work, as long as you get the desired result 🙂

The only thing that may be problematic is if you have banked out the kernal rom in your program and try to use the library routines that depend on a kernal routine.  A note in the documentation about this should fix that I think  (something I haven't yet taken care of for prog8...)


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No,  I've just started making it a few days ago. Here's a little preview of what I've got so far:


edit: ripped out the keyboard control and replaced it with joystick control. But having a bit of a problem getting the buttons state in a reliable fashion atm.

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