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New demo uploaded: Amiga Workbench highres 4colors


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Amiga Workbench highres 4colors

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I needed a test program for the graphics routines in Prog8 that now also work in highres 4 color screen mode.

I thought it would be fun to replicate a classic Amiga Workbench desktop screen, using just the graphics drawing commands.


Note that the text font is actually the built-in iso charset. It is fairly similar to the Amiga's topaz font, so I just went with it and didn't bother to replicate the font pixel-perfect.
Also I didn't bother to make a nice white/red sprite mouse cursor, maybe I'll try to add this in a later version.

Here is a screenshot of a real Amiga Workbench 3.1 in action:



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If you look closely there are 2 issues that I'd like to fix in a future version (but I'm not in a hurry):

- the circles are ovals because they always assume 1:1 pixel ratio, perhaps it is possible to draw ovals with different x/y ratios. Then again this "weird" resolution is not something we would encounter often on the commanderX16

- there are some problems in the line drawing code, certain diagonal lines are off by a pixel or so somehow. you can see this in the "scrollbar" up/down arrow buttons and in the Amiga "VV" logo. I don't know why this is happening yet.

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