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New game uploaded: Vixx


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The project : https://github.com/VincentFoulon80/vixx

Vixx: A bullet-hell game for the X16


Your Commander X16 got a virus ! Thankfully you have an antivirus called Vix that'll get rid of the evil software. You play as the Vix Antivirus, scanning the computer trying to locate and destroy the virus.


How to play :

Joystick / Arrow keys : move the player
Start / Enter : start the game, pause
B button / Ctrl key : Panic!

Your score increase over time, and also when you move near the bullets.
You score points when defeating bosses and also when panicking ( 100 points per bullets on panics)


Project status :

The game is still in its alpha phase. I'm implementing new features and do not focus on the content.

The first level is not final, and the second is just an infinite loop. It's more to give an idea of how the game will look.


Devlog :



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I just updated the game to the version 0.6.0 !

This version mainly adds musics and sound effects, it's my first attempt at making music, ever. I hope this won't hurt you too much ^^'

What are your thoughts about these musics and sounds ?

edit: I will certainly post a devlog soon about this update

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For a first attempt, the music isn't bad at all. It sounds a bit like a march, though 😄 Sound effects, I don't have much of an opinion. They definitely serve their purpose of giving a hint on what's going on. (i.e. a boom when I am hit by a bullet).

How did you make the music? Did you implement your own player, or are you using the Music Player Library?

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Version 0.7.0 is here!


  • New level : "High Ram", with its music
  • Volume Settings
  • New sounds : Pause and Gameover


  • Save file is now "vixx.sv" instead of "vixx.sc". Store the last volume setting
  • Panic no longer gives as much points as before. Divided by 10


  • Panic scoring was broken because not counting in BCD
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The game just updated to the version 0.8.0 !


  • New level : "Low Ram", with its music
  • Difficulty settings
  • New Boss musics for boss 2 and 3


  • Changed some sections in lvl1 and 2 for difficulty


  • Properly resets the virus's sprite on new game
  • Wait for start release on the title screen


It's slowly getting to the end, as the half point of the content has been passed !

The "hard" difficulty is not available on normal saves, and there are no ways to unlock it for now (I want to keep it until the game is finished)
If you want to play on it already, the only thing you need to do is edit your own save file. it's simple : the sixth byte of the file (it's just $00) need to have bit 1 set ($02) to force unlock the difficulty setting. There are some differences between difficulty settings but you'll mostly see them in the third level, as it was built with the difficulty setting ready to use.

I'm considering making a devlog to talk about the progress, I'm still thinking on what to say for now.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on the game, the musics, the difficulty, ...
It's really hard to get a grasp of what is seen as too difficult or too easy in the game 😅 Also if you want to compare your high scores feel free to share them here 🙂

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