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Desk and chair

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Asked this in another part of the forum but I think it’s off topic so asking here.

Planning on rearranging my room to make various projects easier.

Currently have my TV and PC about 8 feet away, keyboard and mouse in a very unergonomic position, a 2 seater sofa, and a small table that is too low for working on.

The TV and PC can stay where they are as there is other equipment I would need to move too, and the TV is a nice distance.

So I need a work desk for various purposes that might need to be moved (only moved from a side to centre of the same room and back), so not a large, heavy, permanent fixed office desk.

If I arrange things well I might be able to leave it permanently in the middle of the room.

Usage: study, music theory, programming, art and others related things.

So something that would work for drawing & writing, keyboard & mouse, iPad, second computer screen, and maybe a few other bits and bobs.

Would a gaming desk and chair work as an all-in-one solution?

Thinking of those instead of a standard desk and chair as they seem more robust.

Some gaming desks have a tilt or angle to make them more ergonomic.

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Well, after some research I bought a few bits. This is what I found.

An ergonomic chair:

Office chairs are usually better. Gaming chairs, well it depends.

I got a gaming chair, but only because it was a good fit for my small stature.

It was also recommended by several reviewers as being good for smaller people that typically recommend office chairs instead of gaming chairs.


I got a basic cheap desk with metal legs & frame. Nice, simple & solid.

It is so good that I got more similar furniture to organise my room better.

Having a more organised work space has so many benefits.

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I should really reorganize my computer room as well and get a better desk and something for tidy storage....

The chair that I have is decent, not spectacular but not bad. It has most things adjustable including the arm rests

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