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Working in China really put a kabosh on my anime habit ... while it is possible to get basically every single anime series here, either for free or in a very reasonable VIP streaming package ... they are subtitled in Chinese, not in English. Getting anime streaming through the Great Firewall of China just never worked well enough to keep up.

So all my favorite anime are now "classics" or "forgotten gems" ... Maria sama ga Miteru, F.L.A.G., Ghost in the Shell, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Shangri-La, Serial Experiments Lain, Ergo Proxy, Simoun, Wolf's Rain, to name a few ... and the first one I saw when it aired on "SBS" in Oz at the turn of the century, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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23 hours ago, ZeroByte said:

Nihongo o manabu.

(Learn Japanese)

The Great Firewall has no power there. 😀

Yeah, if I was going to be learning an East Asian language at this late date, it would be one that would be more day to day useful in Beijing than Japanese!

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25 minutes ago, ZeroByte said:

But... you can't watch Anime in mandarin.... 🙂

I'll have time to watch more anime if I survive until retirement.

And the premise is faulty: almost any current anime can be watched in mandarin ... if you can read it, and not just speak it.

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Ahh, that early 90s look and sound, such nostalgia...

A friend recently managed to lure me into watching Carole & Tuesday, a Netflix original anime series about two girls on a future version of Mars who try to launch a music career together, in an industry that's now dominated by superstar artists and personalities who mostly perform AI-generated music. The biggest selling point of the series is definitely the OST - there's a lot of good music in the show, and some fairly disparate genres represented. I thought the first half of the series was overall pretty great, but the second half felt derailed by a B plot that wasn't central to the girls' journey, and I felt the ending was pretty weak as the B plot took greater emphasis and then ultimately resolved itself without the girls' help. Plus other confusing things that broke my suspension of disbelief at the end. Overall, worth watching at least the first half, for the music.

This is what finally convinced me to try the series, if only for the OST. (Fair warning: Coarse language. Lots and lots of coarse language.)


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I mainly like watching fantasy like Goblin slayer or Isakei anime. I mean Rising of the Shield Hero is alright. And sure there are some odd ones but From common place to worlds strongest isn't too bad or The Jobless Reincarnation. Sure I watched things like the cautious hero and In another world with my cell phone and others. I just like those kinds of anime. Log Horizon, is good at least the first season is. 


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On 2/16/2021 at 8:29 PM, xanthrou said:



PET - Wise, but strict male sensei

VIC-20: Joyful girl with loads of imagination, but when looking for something, she always took so long.

C64: Determined, no-nonsense man, but has soft spot, also VIC-20's best friend.

Plus/4: Workaholic male.

C128: C64's big brother, who is careless.

C65: C64's annoying little sister.

Amiga: Genius girl, a nerd. A bit too serious.

MEGA65: C65's twin, not as annoying as C65.

C256 Foenix: Musically talented man, overly confident.

X16: Rainbow haired girl with twintails, has psychic skills and powers, very creative, but like Amiga, she is too serious, but even more than Amiga.


How's the premise?

And since we were talking about X8 in other threads,

How about

X8 - X16's younger sister, usualy cheerful and optimistic. She has shorter twintails, with only red, blue and green tone colours. She has a pet dog called 'Perry'.

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