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Manipulating Tiles in VERA




I am still learning and I am a long way from producing anything of note but I was curious about what is possible on the X16 specifically how much you can manipulate the tile graphics.

A common trick on the snes was to fake multiple layers by sliding sections of a tile map across the screen. I understand this may have been done by manipulating screen draw timings. The trick was that the "layers" don't overlap (ie have transparency) they just slide next to each other and use colour and shapes to sell the illusion. Is this possible on the X16 or would that be too much for the VERA?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I just want to check before I start barking up the wrong tree.


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Yes I was referring to single layer paralax. I have experience in coding but not much at such a hardware level. I am looking forward to recreating effects used in my favourite games. I like the limitations. If I were to do this on a modern engine I'm spoiled by doing the paralax in actual 3d space.

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