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Ok, this is a violation and we are going to have to remove it for several reasons. 


The first is that the KERNAL and BASIC are proprietary code and as such any software that contains that proprietary code in whole or part is not allowed. 

Secondly, must such software should leave the ROMs untouched and instead load from the SD card.  You don't add custom software to most BIOS systems and likewise you shouldn't indiscriminately add code to the OS ROM unless it provides real world functionality without breaking compatibility.

As a whole we are not interested in micromanaging what users can and cannot do, so long as it doesn't introduce legal or ethical issues.  We simply cannot allow users to distribute or alter the code we are licensing from Cloanto or Microsoft or any other entities. 

Before you include any code in your projects make sure you check and understand the license agreement to see what you are or are not permitted to do.  Never assume that something is open source unless explicitly stated. 

Making custom ROMs as a rule is allowed. So long as it doesn't violate any license agreements.  However some custom ROMs may overall be harmful to the community if they break compatibility, or if they risk hardlocking the physical system.

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