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WASD Commander X16 Deluxe keyboard key switch

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Didn’t know where best to post this as I have several posts about the WASD Deluxe keyboard scattered all over the forums.

Stuck between Cherry MX Green and Zealio 67g.

I’ve had a WASD key switch tester for a while and decided to given it a proper bashing today.

I prefer green to blue, and Purple is better than all the others.

The idea of a click noise plus tactile feedback is appealing, but the purple one seems the best of the others combined.

What to do?

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That was a quick delivery!

Ordered my WASD Commander X16 Deluxe keyboard with Zealio 67G switches on Thursday, got it today (Monday). That’s 4 or 5 days (depending on how you count it).

I was not sure if I should buy one of these keyboards, and divided as to the correct switches.

The keyboard at least matches my expectations (probably exceeds them).

It is very pleasant to type on. The keys feel nice and the Zealio switches are wonderful.

A definite upgrade from my Trust Asta GXT 865 keyboard.

I have used many keyboards, although most were cheap ones. This is the best keyboard I have used.

A slightly unfamiliar layout (I’m used to UK) but easily adapted to as I have some experience with a US configuration. (Or I could change the keyboard setting in my OS).

I haven’t tried the dip switches yet, but that’s something my brain didn’t even register as a feature. Nice surprise!

Even the two LED lights are pleasing to look at.

IMO this keyboard is worth the money.

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