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Visual representation of program execution

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Hey everybody! I remember seeing a link to a webpage that would give the user a visual representation of program execution. I am wondering if anyone happens to know what the site is and if they could share it. I believe the story I read said that you would put your code in one box on the left side of the page and watch what was happening (i.e. variables being defined and assigned) in a separate box as you stepped through program execution. This is cool and all but I would like to modify it so that is shows all the internals of the X16 and shows what is happening at the hardware level. I imagine visual representations of the accumulator, program counter, registers, memory, and all the other pieces. The user could put an assembly program in a box on the page and then step through each clock cycle to see what changes in the computer to understand exactly everything that is happening. A third box on the page could display what is happening on the screen ( the output of the program ).

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@x16tial It is a web page that I am thinking of but it does work a bit like a debugger. It is a visual representation of everything that is happening when you execute your code.

I think I found the site I was looking for here: http://www.pythontutor.com/visualize.html#mode=edit

Once on the page, if you click on "Show code examples" near the bottom of the page and pick an example, you can start walking through the code by clicking "Visualize Execution" just below the text editor. Click the Next or Prev buttons just below the text editor to step through the code. As you walk through it, variables and objects that the code creates begin to pop up over on the right side of the page.

* or, you can just go to http://www.pythontutor.com/ and press the Next button to what objects populate right there on the page.

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