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scrolling in bitmap mode

Ed Minchau


I am trying to do an video in bitmap mode.  I have layer 0 set up for a 256 color 320 x 240 bitmap, but have set Hscale and Vscale to $20 so that it only displays a 160x120 bitmap, with the idea of drawing on one of the quarters that isn't being displayed.  I cannot seem to get hscroll or vscroll to work at all though, it always just shows the top left quarter.  I could show the image on the bottom left by changing the tilebase (bitmap start pointer) but that doesn't work for showing the right side quadrants (the top left of the image would never be a multiple of 512).

This has been bedeviling me for a while.  I know hscroll and vscroll work in tile mode.  Do they not work in bitmap mode?

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