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Retro Game Memes!

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Well, I guess I will kick this off with two of my favorite retro game memes that I really like. 🙂

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so we have to start with...



Ever wonder why space invaders follow their distinctive attack pattern? Invaders 101!




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Posted (edited)

I don't recall where I originally seen or got this, but found it funny enough to save it. 😛

The idea of an Apple II / C64 hybrid was an idea that 1980's me would have loved! haha


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Ran across a few more good ones that made me feel nostalgic. haha

The "Konami Code", playing Phantasy Star online on my Sega Saturn, the glorious days of loading games from cassette, and how I feel about a lot of modern "retro" games. So many memories. :)






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