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Hi from the Netherlands (Utrecht area)


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Hi all,

I just created a forum account and would like to make a quick introduction. 

I've been dabbling in electronics and 8-bit computers over the last few years, especially during the lockdown.
Assembled an FPGA-based C64 last year, based on a Gideon's Logic Ultimate 64, a new case and a great breadbin keyboard from a failed original c64. I designed a small PCB for its user port, to light up 8 leds or an LCD screen, selectable by jumper, and programmed it in assembly.  If anyone wants the gerbers to print their own PCBs, let me know.

I then found Ben Eaters videos last year and started a couple of 6502 PCBs and software projects, where the largest project has a ROM bootlader enabling dynamic loading of programs over the serial port by xmodem protocol. Pure magic, to create something like this from scratch.

Then when I thought I was done with the 6502, the x16 started to look more and more promising to me. So I started programming a Sokoban clone for the emulator, which I uploaded today. I first had to create some code to convert available sokoban (rosetta) ascii to a usable binary format. This binary is included with the program in a single PRG file, so it works in the web-emulator. When the final x16 hardware arrives, I'll create a version to let the user select their own levels.

Ok, enough about me. I'll be cheering the project on as best I can. Keep up the good work!





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