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pre-R49 cc65 question


I'm trying working to make a quick pull request to fix the YM2151 clock frequency on github (still gotta figure out how that works using the command line but not asking that here) and so I recompiled my AdLib emulation demo to see that the playback pitch is correct with my setting - but my program doesn't run because waitvsync() seems broken in cc65 on the main branch....

I don't want to update cc65 yet because I don't want to mess with cc65 at the moment because I don't want to inadvertently break my ability to write for R38 until R39 is official. Does anyone know what breaks about waitvsync() in "R39" and what a workaround might be?

I did load one of my BASIC programs that plays music, and it's correct pitch on that, and poking a concert A into the YM produced the correct pitch, so I'm already convinced, but I wanted to hear music play back correctly before making the decision to submit my pull request.

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