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Hello from San Diego


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Hi, my name is Kevin, I'm a web developer by trade, focusing on PHP, RoR, frameworks like symfony and CMS' like Drupal. I dabble in front end and other things when I need to. I'll also be moving to Austin TX soon for new opportunities there.

I got interested in this project because I've been looking for things to do during the pandemic so I was watching a lot of videos on old computers and specifically the C64 which I had when I was a kid. I came across the 8 bit guy's videos on the CX16 and this really piqued my interest.

As a kid, I tried my hand at some BASIC programming, but as an 8 year old I didn't do much and mostly did gaming along with schoolwork on GEOS. So after watching enough videos, I decided to try my hand at assembly and after 3 days was able to get a sprite of the Starship Enterprise to fly across a C64 screen on vice. This is not something I'll probably be great at, but I'm interested in really learning assembly and how to port my early efforts for the C64 over to the CX16 and continue there. So I am mainly interested in things such as can I use the same editor, same assembler, or are there similar ones for CX16, etc. Also on information and updates about the project.

Thank you for the add!

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Hey, Kevin. Welcome to the party. I'm also from the area (I'm in Santee and moving back to Lakeside next month.) 

If you're ever looking for a retro hookup in the region, I'm always looking for people to chat and maybe play some old games with. I've got several Commodore 64 systems, an orginal VIC-20 (complete with PET style keyboard), and now a pair of Amigas. Also.... several Altair 8800 reproductions, for those who are really looking to bang some bits together.


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