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Hi from the MidSouth


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Hello everyone, I'm Rick. I was following the build early on but kind of lost track of it until Retro Recipes did his latest video on the project. My poor old Commodore 64 bit the dirt about 7 years ago when my grandson pulled it off the desk it was on by the power cord. It hit the tile floor and shattered into a couple hundred pieces. After I recovered from the shock of what happened I picked up the pieces and put it back in the box where it sits alone and unloved in a spare bedroom closet.


But the Commander X16 is going to come to the rescue. I'm ordering it day one. I am going to build the emulator later this week if I can get some free time. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I have been programming for over 40 years, since I earned enough mowing lawns as a kid to buy a used Altair. I'm a tech OG (Old Geek?) and love all things computing. I'm passing that love on to my two grandsons, We spend quality time together building Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP-32 projects (usually with a bunch of Lego just to spice it up.) We are currently learning Circuit Python for some of the Adafruit boards. 


See ya around the forum


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