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Hello from Sofia


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Hello chaps.

My real name and facebook name is Ani Kirilov. I'm husband and father of 1 daughter. I've studied Computer Science in the university. Professionally I'm software developer mainly Delphi/Pascal, but proficient in C/C++ and Assembler (x86, 65xx).

On the net I'm known as Squall, but since so many people use that nick, I go with Squall_FF8 in the last 8-10 years. As the nick suggest I'm huge Final Fantasy fan! I have written couple of utils for editing, extracting,... content for/from FF games. Although FF5 is not my most fav game, I kind of specialized in it. You might have come across by FF5_Viewer, FF5_DamageCalculator, Visual SAK (general console tool) and my legacy: FF5 Wiki (https://www.ff6hacking.com/ff5wiki/index.php/Main_Page).

My first zeal to program started  with a home computer, a clone of Oric 1 Atmos called Pravetz 8D. First with BASIC, but immediately turned to 6502 asm.
There is always this nostalgia to retro (with limited things to produce something that is considered beyond the limit). At the same time the reasoning that tells you that doing it is in the past (and thus a waste of time). That is why in Commander X16 I saw both things fulfilled - a contemporary approach to retro in contemporary system (no emulation, no old hardware).

For sure I will produce number of tools for X16, but my primary goal is to make a contemporary, retro looking FF like game:

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8 hours ago, Squall_FF8 said:

Does somebody sees that topic? I can't see it in Introduction ...

That's strange, it should appear immediately. Hopefully it was just a little glitch or refresh issue. 

Either way welcome to the official forum! Looking forward to seeing your incredible program appear in the software library here! 👍🕹️

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Thank you Matt!
That demo shows one of the hot new features, that we had so passionately discussed in the team - laeyrening starting in 1:03.  There are 2 virtual layers - upper and lower. With the help of VERA this can be nicely visualized. Player walking in upper layer (above the grill) and in lower layer (below the grill). Making the grill partially transparent helps to visualize and observe such behavior.

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