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What is double PETSCII?


What is PETSCII you may ask first. 

PETSCII is the extended commodore text character set.

This character set has been designed in such a way that it would enable simple graphics on the screen. 

Which would make it easy for would be programmers on the system, to make card games and so on.

However easy to use, it is not easy to create very nice graphics with it....

But... This has changed somewhat.  If you search for PETSCII art, you see people are trying to get cooler and cooler graphics out of PETSCII.


Double Petscii is using the Commander 16's native graphics modes to overlay two layers of PETSCII graphics.

This demo is an experiment in how that may be used.


Tech info:

-It was made with the cc65, in C.

-The PETSCII mode used is lores text mode, with two layers. (40x30 chars)

-All colors are standard colors.

-1 Color is used as a color to be sacrificed for non black transparency, so there are 15 colors to work with, not 16.

-Pictures drawn in hyperpetscii petscii online drawing program. https://hyperpyxel.com/?p=229


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