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New demo uploaded: VOPL "Virtual OPL" Demo - realtime playback on OPM chip

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VOPL "Virtual OPL" Demo - realtime playback on OPM chip

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This demo uses the real music data from Wolfenstein3d to play back on the X16's YM2151 FM synth chip.

Some features of the audio translation are not yet implemented, but the program now plays correct pitch in R38 of the emulator. I will update this posting to my R39 build when that is released officially.

The "Try It Now" feature works, but at least for me, the playback is quite choppy - the emulator itself has no problem with the playback, though.

Next update will be to make the songs selectable at runtime.


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I left the original version in Try It Now, as that is still version R38, and this new version only runs on R39 and up.

The new version requires that you run it from the SD image, so that's the only file in the ZIP other than the README.

Run the emulator with -sdcard vopldemo_sd.img

Do not use -prg or -run - these will not work. Once booted, load the program as you would on the real system: LOAD "VOPLDEMO.PRG" and then RUN



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