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New community dev tool uploaded: Hex dumper

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Hex dumper

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A hex dumper I wrote, because I wanted one like the one I've got on my UNIX machines.

It should be able to handle "proper" address 0 RAM banking, as well as r38 RAM banking (it checks the KERNAL version).

Set the color with the number keys.

Change the view by $100 with left/right cursor, by $300 with up/down, and by $1000 by enter/left arrow.



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I've got a subtle little print bug going on here.

Basically, after everything's done printing, there's a single character that gets splatted to the end of the last line.

The character is related to one of the PEEKed characters displayed on the hexdump.  You see, it changes based on what's displayed.... kind of.

It's like I'm accidentally printing 8 bits of the address as a character, or something like that.  I'm looking.



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