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Commander X16 Default Colour Palette for Photoshop

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I thought this might come in handy for people using the Adobe software family when designing graphics for old ChickenLips. It's an Adobe Colour Table (.ACT) file containing the default 256 colour palette. I found it useful when designing tiles in Photoshop. Let me know if there are any errors in it! Have fun. 


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Hi! There is a bug in the palette at cyan palette entry 152 where the hex value is #152A2A / rgb(21, 42, 42). This is impossible for a color converted to 8-bit from 4-bit, each pair should be the same value in hex so: 15 -> 11, 2A -> 22 or 33.

However the color seems to be way too dark so probably a misclick at some point when editing the palette 🙂

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