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Load a file, using cc65, into RAM or VERA


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So you're using cc65 and want to load a file, whether into system RAM or VERA.
Here's how.


//   A word about cbm_k_load( destination, address )
// The address value of cbm_k_load() gets you 16 bits.  Of course, 
// VERA's addressing space is larger.  So you DO have to properly 
// set the FIRST parameter to cbm_k_load():
//    0 points to X16's RAM.
//    1 points to VERA $00000.
//    2 points to VERA $10000.
cbm_k_load(2, 0xf800);   // replace these with your target address...
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Data in the 6502 microprocessor RAM can also be loaded and saved via the following cc65 function calls which are declared in cbm.h:

unsigned int __fastcall__ cbm_load (const char* name, unsigned char device, void* data);
/* Loads file "name", from given device, to given address -- or, to the load
** address of the file if "data" is the null pointer (like load"name",8,1
** in BASIC).
** Returns number of bytes that were loaded if loading was successful;
** otherwise 0, "_oserror" contains an error-code, then (see table above).

unsigned char __fastcall__ cbm_save (const char* name, unsigned char device,
                                     const void* addr, unsigned int size);
/* Saves "size" bytes, starting at "addr", to a file.
** Returns 0 if saving was successful, otherwise an error-code (see table
** above).

Here are some example invocations:



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Clarified alternate way to save and load RAM data which seems to be simpler..
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