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C64 Mini + Planet X2 & PETSCII Robots - Question

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I can't seem to find this answered anywhere, but I may have just overlooked it.

I played around with David's shareware release of PETSCII Robots on the X16 Emulator and absolutely loved it! Still missing a secret on level 1.... haha


Now, I want to pick up digital copies of this, and Planet X2 and X3. I will play X3 via my emulated DOS PC or DOSBox.

Since I don't own original hardware anymore, and will have to play X2 and PETSCII via emulation, has anyone tried playing X2 and PETSCII on the C64 Mini?

I could have sworn I seen X2 being played in the Mini, but I can't find it. I was wondering is anyone here has tried both games on a C64 Mini and how well they worked.

Thank you in advance!


EDIT....10 hours later....

If I had payed attention to what I was reading, RIGHT on the Planet X2 product page...

"Includes game in .D64 (compatible with The C64 Mini, emulators, 1541Ultimate, or SD-2-IEC)"


While PETSCII does not specifically mention it like X2, it does say "“TheC64” products such as the mini or maxi, however SNES controller is not supported on these." under the C64 System Requirements. So I assume it will work.

So I think I answered my own questions...

It's been one of those weeks... haha

Still, if anyone has played either game on Mini, or even a Maxi (that I want, badly), feel free to share the experience. 😛

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Me being unobservant...
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