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Logisim Evolution

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I am not sure if many will be interested in this topic, but being a intermediate hardware guy I am putting it out there. While I was watching the Youtube I came across a gent, CuriousMarc, troubleshooting

the D-RAM refresh circuit of his HP 9825.  He simulated most of the shebang with this tool to help find the problem.  I was impressed since the tool was user friendly,

well documented and free.  Link to git hub Logisim-Evolution.  Evidently there is an alternate version called Digital based on the same original work.  If someone tries that one let me know.





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I need to get rid of the stock Debian version 2.7.1.  The timing is horrible and the simulation stalls all the time.  Makes for a really poor simulation experience.

I am not sure if this was a symptom of the machine I loaded it on or the version itself.  I believe the gent above eluded to running a beta version of 3.4.5 so I am sure

many update have been made. I was impressed with the amount of components available for simulation. 

Thanks for piping in @JimmyDansbo


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19 hours ago, rje said:

I remember using something on the old Macintoshes like that in the Digital Logic Design class I took. 

A loooooooong time ago.


Maybe it was PSpice?  I remember that is what we used in Digital Logic.. 

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