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Wrong addresses in VERA docs?



Unless I'm mistaken (I WAS !) the VERA docs seem to show the wrong addresses for DC_HSTART, DC_HSTOP, DC_VSTART, DC_VSTOP (and the rest presumably)

Should not DC_HSTART be $9f2D, etc.

Wanted to check as trying to understand how to change screen layout. I managed to switch to 320x240 by setting DC_HSCALE and DC_VSCALE to 64, but I'm having trouble settings the left/right, top/bottom boundaries.


I needed to set the DCSEL flag to change screen layout, which is actually hinted at in the docs (DCSEL=1).



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You've managed to answer your own question, it seems, but I want to go ahead and confirm:

Yes, you are correct, the DCSEL bit in $9F25 needs to be set to 1 for the DC_HSTART, DC_HSTOP, DC_VSTART, and DC_VSTOP registers to be accessible.

If DCSEL is 0, these registers instead point to DC_VIDEO, DC_HSCALE, DC_VSCALE, and DC_BORDER.

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