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New game uploaded: Falling Snake (C)

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Falling Snake (C)

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Simon Snake has fallen down a hole, you must rescue him, by avoiding obstacles on his way down.

Controls: Cursor Keys, for left and right. Space to start or continue the game.



Falling snake was a game that I wrote on the C64 in Basic, but now converted to KickC, because I want to add more features to it, and was

running on the limits of what I wanted to squeeze into Basic.   All graphics, except player sprite are Petscii.  "Cut Scenes", are in "Lores Double Petscii". 



The Basic version you can also find below as a tutorial "How to create a simple game in basic on the X16"

This time the game is written in Kickc, allowing more features to be added.

Current status:
90% of all Basic features have been converted to C.
Extra features have been added that were easier to add in C, like "cut scenes".
Sound and more game play elements are to be added still.

Video below.
(music added in post production)





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23 hours ago, Squall_FF8 said:

Although BASIC is slow, using some asm routines for heavy CPU things might keep the BASIC useful.
BTW Very lovely PETSCII artwork!

That's true!  I did that once, long time ago, on the C64.  On the X16, I had some problems getting started that route though. 

I would have liked the small asm routines to be included as data in the basic program.  But I stumbled on KickC before I figured it out practically, so this is why there is a "C" version of the game and a "Basic" version.

Actually now I think of it, the pure basic version could probably be sped up significantly as well, since the scrolling on the X16, is pretty advanced. You can do alot by just moving one register around.

About the PETSCII 🙂 Thanks!   It was cool to work in PETSCII again, it's always nice to hear someone likes it. 

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