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Rizkie Pratama

Greetings Everyone!

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Hello everyone, 

A little bit of my self, 
To be honest not really into Retro Computing before but after watching David's (The 8-Bit Guy) videos this past few weeks i'm getting more interested into it.
While i do really want to get my hands on "Real" Commodore 64 and other kind of retro computer, but i'm still not sure if i will be able to find and get one here.
But either way i think Commander X16 would also be a nice option too😄

Been trying the Emulator for CX16 this couple of hours now and having fun learning Basic on it 😄

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Retro computing is definitely fun, and a reminder that computers can work in a totally different way than we're used to in modern systems. I do most of my development for X16 on my PC and cross-develop for X16... but sometimes it makes it easy to forget just how accessible many things are on the X16 itself. If you want to play around with some register you're planning to use in a program, you don't have to write a whole test program just to kick the tires. Just POKE a value into it directly on the X16, and see the effects immediately. That's an experience you don't easily get on modern PCs.

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