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Odd device for hydro power? two moving parts

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First attempt? "Parts List for Hydraulic Ramp pump generator"

Written By: Travis Bryant Moore

June 9, 2021


1. 2 times 2 and 1/2 inch pipes at about six to eight inches long.

2. 2 times 2 1/2 inch pipe elbows.

3. two one way check valves at two and a halve inches bronze or stainless steel preferred.

4. one T joint at 2 1/2 inches

5. T joint to four inch pip adapter or an extra t joint and a 2 1/2 inch pipe to 4 inch pipe adapter

6. one to 4 foot tall four inch diameter pipe.

7. one top lid for 4 inch diameter pipe.

8. Bondo or water proof epoxy, high pressure sealer.

9. Water proof rubber coating for piezo electric crystal.

10. Wires for piezoelectric crystal and extension cord to electrical parts

11. Large piezoelectric crystal.

12. Pipe thread sealer

13. Plywood or base material to mount generator on

14. Clamps times 4 to hold pipes to base.

15. Wood screws.

16. wood for support of 4 inch diameter pipe or water hammer.

17. water sealing paint for wood base if used.

18. digital multi meter,

19. watt meter to measure output of crystal.

20. extra wire

21. optional electrical pipe to load.

22. transformer to adjust power to load.

23. water valves times two. For adjusting water in or out?

24. If valves can't make 60 hertz AC then maybe bridge rectifier and battery are needed to match voltage and current to a load.

25. if a battery is used maybe a charge controller to prevent over charging especially if lithium battery is used.

26. power inverter.

27. optional breaker box.

28. Any house installation stuff may need to be installed by a certified electrician and inspected.

29. Siphoning hose or pipe to source.

30. Screen to filter water of large debris.

31. Neutral buoyancy device. Just a floater of a plastic bottle and a rock with some string? This holds the inlet not too low so it gets clogged with mud and not to high that aquatic plants clog up the intake?

32. Rocks or bricks extra to hold down the device so the ram cylinder is vertical?

So basically you have to make your ram pump first. Then insulate the large piezo crystal or your piezo source from water say rubber or what have you. Then you have to hook it up to wires and seal it and the top of the ram pump where the wires go out. Though it may be easier to put the output wires though the water output of the ram.

Use the tools to make sure that it is not being shorted out in the water and that the crystal is working with the watt or digital multi meter. And to make adjustments to load with other electrical components.

Then with electrical components convert the output into electricity that can be used by your load. Power storage is optional. Though it should be noted this system may not work in winter. And a bad seal on the top may cause the ram to vibrate the spot where the output wires are.

Note if you have a 4 inch lid adapter to a smaller pip diameter then it could be sealed up further for the wires an use a threaded seal instead? As the wire runs up into a longer tube filled with more epoxy or bondo for better seal.


I guess a couple of pieces of wood in the pipe could hold the crystal  in place like a couple of shims or something.

As for the ram the t joint connects to the two pipes, then the pipes go into the elbows. The valves go on one elbow joint and the top of the t-joint, then the adapter and 4 inch pipe over that and the crystal is fixed and hooked in and sealed with a top for the wires to go out. the input is connected once started it should hammer the crystal enough to make a voltage and current. Though I am not sure of what sort of piezoelectric crystal or array to use inside.
Anyway just an idea I was toying with.

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Posted (edited)

Ideally it is a water pump that uses a water hammer effect to compress a piezoelectric crystal. Mostly known for high voltage and low current. So I would have to try and convert a high voltage low current into something usable.Though a clear creak would be best  rather than a stagnated pond. And as for bio gas that would need a dig ester.


Edited by Travis Bryant moore
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Then again I must be insane or crazy for this idea. I need a new type of piezoelectric crystal that outputs high current. How On earth can I make that. Take rochelle salt and mix it with nano carbon or graphite nano powder or some sort of new polymer piezoelectric material or a high capacitance crystal in a nano parallel array. It may take a lot of trial and error got get usable power out.

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