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New demo uploaded: 8BPP Cow

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8BPP Cow

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This demo features 3D rendering to a 256x240@8bpp surface with full transformation calculation, texture mapping and per-pixel depth buffering. The model is a decimated Spot test model  with 512 vertices, 1020 triangles and a 256x64 texture.

So, I wrote this just to get familiar with this system and figure out how to write and optimize a 3D math for it. Also, it would makes a nice reason for me to get up and do some coding streams, as shown here:

Only runs on r39 since I can't find documents for older versions. There's still bunch of incorrect pixels due to depth buffer precision problems.


  • A/D - Move camera left/right
  • W/S - Move camera up/down
  • Q/E - Move camera backward/forward (Z value should be an unsigned number but the UI only displays signed numbers)
  • J/L - Rotate left/right (yaw)
  • I/K - Rotate up/down (pitch)
  • U/O - Tilt left/right (roll)

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