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Greetings all. Came to the forums for help a few times, thought I might make an introduction. I'm a software engineer living in Kentucky. Came back home after ten years working for Amazon and Microsoft in Seattle. I was kind of part of the 8-bit scene as a kid, and kind of not. I had an Atari 400, but my mom set it up for me for games and I only found out it was a full computer until my 20s. So fond memories of cartridge games, but I missed out on the computer side of it. Instead my computer experience was mostly on a hand me down Corona IBM compatible luggable, which I really wish I still had. 

So a couple years ago I scored an atari 800xl, which kick started my interest in the computing side of 8 bit hardware, and restoration. And picking up the x16 followed on from that. Really enjoying it. Looking forward to tackling assembly after I finish playing  with BASIC. The culture at my university was to steer students away from assembly, which did us a real disservice. So it will be a new thing for me.

Cheers all


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Yeah - I wish I'd been able to get into assembly back in the day. My friends and I knew that it existed (from some programs in Compute's Gazette) but it was kind of like this thing that we weren't allowed / capable of knowing about. I would've loved to have written my own games back in the day, beyond stuff like BlackJack in BASIC, etc.

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