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What is the best way to start programming for the X16




Soo im thinking of learning assembly and the X16 seems to be a good way.

Soo anything like a guide to the basics and software that i can use to make the code.


PS: i know it may be way faster to make code in C and compile it but i want to learn something new.


Thanks for the help :)




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Matt Heffernan has done some good tutorials on youtube specifically for this machine.

Any 6502 tutorial will get you started. The 65C02 in the CX16 is *slightly* different to the 6502 found in machines like the Apple 2, C64, Vic20 and BBC Micro, but it is backwards compatible, so any 6502 tutorial will give you extra information if you feel you need it.

There are also several books like "how to program machine code on your Vic 20" available for download now (I made this title up !) and much of that will be extremely useful (the sound and graphics are completely different but the basic ideas are the same).

And ask here if you get stuck 🙂

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I'd recommend starting with:  https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/

Then just play and learn inside the emulator using:
You can use the built in MON command to do simple assembly programs (Google Final Cartridge 3 manual for help using the monitor)

Then you'll want to find a cross assembler you like.  One is ca65, part of the cc65 package, another is KickAssembler, there are many more.

Then or in tandem:


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