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Samsung Ultra Mobile PC

Scott Robison

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12+ years ago I bought a Samsung UMPC, the Q1 Ultra Premium. Insert appropriate oohs and ahhs here.

I haven't used it much for quite a few years because it came with Windows, and while I upgraded it over time (most recently in 2017, apparently), the 2 GB RAM, slow Core Solo CPU, and 1024x600 touch screen just weren't very good for getting much done.

I decided to pull it out yesterday and see about updating it. I let it run all night to bring Windows 10 up to date but it was just too sluggish, so I decided its life as a Windows UMPC were over.

Today I installed FreeBSD 13 on it (which took under 20 minutes) and installed the minimum necessary to run the emulator (which is available as a prebuilt package, handily enough). TADA!

Looks like a nice portable handheld x16. Sadly, the weird keyboard isn't working well with the emulator, in that the numbers across the top are accessed via a numlock key. When numlock is in play, the keys do nothing. I suspect I can change some keyboard mapping to make the emulator see them as top row keys, just haven't taken time to do it yet.


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