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Load BASIC programs from text


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Hello everyone!

The last week I've been working on a program that loads a BASIC program from a text file.

After some (or a lot of) fiddling I finally got it to work.

Some notes on the source file format:

  • There are no line numbers in the source file
  • Instead you define labels on lines you want to jump to with GOTO or GOSUB
  • Labels must be defined at the start of a line, but it's OK to have leading blank spaces
  • A label must start with one of the letters A-Z. The following characters may be A-Z or numbers 0-9
  • The symbol table stores the first 12 letters of a label
  • Line breaks are marked by a single LF or CR

The work flow:

  • You edit the source file on the X16 using X16Edit or any other available editor
  • Store the source file on the SDCARD
  • Load the BASIC loader program, and run it
  • Enter the source file name
  • Type RUN to run the loaded BASIC program

Enclosed is a video showing this work flow.

I need to do some more work on this before publishing.

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I forgot that you had made that program. I must look at your solution again.

There are some differences as far as I can tell:

  • Source format is different
  • My program does not support long variable names
  • My program outputs BASIC code directly to RAM
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