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FAQ Request - Will the X16 be "upgradable" to newer phases?

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I would like to jump on the X16 as soon as it becomes available.  The only caveat would be as you release better ROMs and such, will I be able to upgrade the one I have?  I personally don't mind paying for the upgrade, as long as it's upgradable.

If I can't upgrade it, then I would opt to hang back and wait for a later release.

I also wouldn't mind making board modifications as long as the instructions are clear and concise 🙂

Also, don't be afraid to have proper exchange for the work you do. Not so much on our end, but your end as well.  I'll happily pay a fair "profitable" amount for the pleasure of building and owning this machine 🙂

$50 for just the PCB and components is an awesome deal.  Paying extra for the case and keyboard is something I can live with.  Paying a little more for tech support (email, most likely) would be cool but that's a complex option I leave in your hands.

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Yeah, the ROM is flashable.

But... first, the FAQ is probably the right place to start... at least to get a level-set on some of the assumptions.


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Do read the FAQ ... the idea of $50 for PCB and components for a through-hole classical computer board turned out to be unrealistic. The first two "phases" actually refer to the classical computer board which is kit-buildable and a cost-reduced version of the same system ... the third "phase" will be implemented with much of the classical ASIC chips implemented in an FPGA, and even that one is not likely to hit $50, because this project is not going to have the economies of scale of something like the Raspberry Pi.

So for the first phase, the CX16p, think in terms of hundreds of dollars. Not a thousand, like the Mega65 project, but not $50 either.

The third phase, the CX16e, that's the one that will get closest to the original price that David was talking about, but even that might be more like $80-$100 than $50.

So "phases" and updates to the ROM are two different things. At least for the first phase, they have said they are going to try to make the flash ROM be upgradeable ... that would probably require moving a jumper pin, since writing the flash ROM is not something that should be done casually.

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Just to add a little more detail, in David’s first video he set the goal at under $99 but hopefully $50. While $50 may not be doable, don’t rule out us coming true on the first video’s mention of $99, for Phase 3 (X16E). Stranger things have happened…

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